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Rara Petcare | Seaforth

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Cat Full Grooming

Includes: bath, ear clean, nail clip, drying, brushing, full-body comfort clip, face tidy


Cat Wash

Includes: bath, ear clean, nail clip, gental drying, brushing, paw and brow tidy

The finest quality care your cat deserves.

Rara petcare provides professional cat grooming services. We are cat lovers and believe your cat deserves the best attention. We provide a safe and happy grooming experience for every cat.

Our 5 step process is unique. Every visit starts with a hands-on pet assessment. Our service includes bathing, ear cleaning, nail clip, drying, brushing, full-body comfort clip, and face tidy. We specialise in styling your cat’s coat according to its breed.

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48 Ethel St, Seaforth NSW 2092


Mon-Fri: 8:00-16:00 | Sat & Sun: Closed


What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

"Great Service"

The entire team is absolutely amazing, very professional, caring and always treated our cats as their own with so much attention and love.  Please go see them - you won't regret.
The best kept secret when it comes to cat grooming. It is always very easy to make a booking. Great service and I always get complimented on how great our cat looks after a wash or groom there!

Victoria Belozerova

Jessica L. Williams

"Kind & Loving"

They did a wonderful job and my little cat looks and smells amazing! To be honest, the service here was the best we have experienced, thanks!
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